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Overweight women may benefit from Grannur

 19 juli 2019 

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A Dutch study has shown that overweight people might benefit from using the natural product Grannur. The European researchers gave 1 teaspoon of Grannur a day to 10 overweight women aged between 18 and 69, over a period of six months. Another equally large group of women in the same age group received a placebo.

In addition, both groups were prescribed the same diet and exercise regimen.

During and at the end of the trial period, several parameters were found to differ. Users of Grannur appeared to have lost more weight at the end of the study. Moreover, they experienced a sense of satiation at an earlier stage and were more energetic.

Nutritionists from the Netherlands explained that there may be benefits to be obtained with the natural Dutch product which can be ordered from grannur.com

“We repeatedly observe faster and easier results with our clients who combine our diet and exercise advice with Grannur, which we find to be particularly effective.”

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