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Healthy Dutch drink that makes you lose weight and feel better rising in popularity

 10 april 2020 

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“I haven’t been feeling well these last few years. I was always tired and gained a lot of weight. My face wasn’t looking good either because my skin got dull and blemished.”, says Chandra from Georgetown. Working as a teacher she got the advice from a colleague to start using Grannur fruit concentrate.  

She says she has been pleasantly surprised by the results. “I look so much better now when I compare myself to how I looked a while ago. This fruit concentrate makes me feel good and my energy levels are better as well. I lost a total of 15 pounds, my skin has improved and my hair looks better. I feel really healthy now. Grannur has helped me so much and made me feel beautiful”

The natural product, which is available in well sorted drugstores or on their website, www.grannur.com (click),  is made following a synergistic combination of fruit polyphenols and is being produced according to an ingenious technique in the Netherlands.

Overweight people and those with skin issues use Grannur. International experts, longevity experts and skin rejuvenation specialists frequently recommend it.

Evidence based studies have shown that the nutrients in Grannur have a beneficial effect on multiple important processes in the human body.

Grannur is rich in anti oxidizing phytonutrients, tannines and flavonoids and contains a lot of polyphenols of which punicalagins, ellagitannines, gallocatechins, catechines and anthocyans.

Furthermore, the formula also contains a lot of healthy nutrients such as pantothenic acid, ascorbic acid and potassium. The special synergistic combination of these substances are responsible for the multiple health benefits of Grannur.

When can Grannur be used?

Because of the special combination of nutrients such as punicalagins, Grannur may be used to combat many ailments and discomforts. Skin therapists often times prescribe it to people with skin conditions due to the purifying effect it has on the skin.

Especially those with dark spots, blemishes, acne, pimples and other skin conditions benefits from using Grannur on a long-term basis.

Highly respected weight loss experts also recommend the use of Grannur to support the weight loss process. The natural product has a positive influence on carbohydrate metabolism. That means that overweight people can also use Grannur as an aid in the weight loss process and to get healthier.

But even if you do not have discomforts or complaints but do want to remain young and healthy, it is advised to use one teaspoon of Grannur a day, experts say. For example: many athletes use it to perform better.

According to the renowned European weight loss and longevity expert Jonathan Clarke, Grannur can be used to combat multiple ailments and discomforts. The most important thing is that Grannur can be used by everyone. It has no side effects and supports wellbeing. 

Due to the wide range of use, Grannur can be used to combat obesity, skin issues, impotence, stress, aches and pains, joint problems, arthritis, hair loss, low immunity and insomnia. Furthermore, it improves vitality.

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